2019 so far

The third month of the year is nearly over and it’s been an eventful start to the near first quarter of 2019. In this short blog we will go over just some of the key markers we’ve hit.

Firstly, we ran a giveaway on our twitter and instagram for the Groov-e wireless headphones, and the lucky winner from twitter has received and using their prize!

Because now at Beatbond we upload content daily we’ve seen a rise in our following by almost 600% in the past few months. Our reach in the UK is expanding daily and we’re getting more traffic daily than ever! We can’t thank everyone enough! As more and more people are turn to online shopping, it’s our aim to be the home of wireless headphones, wireless earphones and wireless speakers in the UK.

We’re now at the stage of looking into adding new products to to our range. Mostly likely more wireless earphones because they seem to be the most popular right now. Any suggestions? Have your input. Contact us atinfo@beatbond.co.uk.

Due to a rise in wireless interest/ our social media following rising and the giveaways we run, the name Beatbond and it’s logo are even more recognised than last year, which means this startup is on the right path! With this in mind we at Beatbond have decided to take the right steps and and are currently in the process of trademarking our brand, we’re exceptionally excited for this! With Brexit looming  round the corner any day now (or next few months) its import to grow and maintain British faces.

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