A packed 2018 at Beatbond.

2018 is now official over, and it was a very eventful year for us and the wireless/bluetooth earphone/headphone industry. Big brands are releasing more wireless as it is the future and that’s why we formed when we did. At Beatbond we have achieved so much within 2018, we set up our first store around March, then built a better. It’s more unique and most importantly, it’s available on both desktop AND mobile, which fits us in nicely with the competition such as Currys, Tesco etc. 

We’ve signed up and using every social media platform you can think. We’ve made sure you’re always connected and up to date with everything that’s happening with us. From deals/reviews to big news. Twitter, instagram, facebook are just a few. The icons should be displayed just under or to the right of our logo at the top of this page. Join in and be in it. Follow us on our social media. We have run various giveaways for our twitter followers get involved in, giving away wireless earphones for headphones from our range at Beatbond which include the JVC Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones, Ausdom S7 wireless earphones and the Jabees Beating wireless earphones. All of which can be found here. But don’t worry, we plan to run many more throughout 2019. 

We’re now more than a few days into 2019 and our aim at Beatbond will be to continue to grow to become more UK known and become the go to place for wireless earphones, headphones, speakers for sport, leisure, work, gaming etc. Make sure you read our ‘Plans for 2019 at Beatbond’ which will be upload for all eyes within January. 

Check out all of our products here.

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