Wireless headphones & earphones, what’s better for what? Sport.

You love your sport, whether it be running, cycling, boxing, golf, gym work outs etc or even all types of activities. You also love your songs that you listen to while doing these, the problem is, you don’t know what to get, wireless bluetooth earphones or wireless bluetooth headphones right? Well at Beatbond thats where […]

Apple Airpods and others alike.

In 2017 we seen a massive growth in wireless bluetooth earphones, especially in the “TWS” (Truely wireless stereo) market which means earphones completely wireless, no wires whatsoever…yes thats right, and forecasts show no signs of slowing down in 2018 either. Here’s a few from top brands below.Apple Airpods: Photo from the Apple website here.Jabra: Photo […]

The gym and wireless earphones/ headphones/ speakers.

We’ve said this before in one of our other posts “Beatbond for sport” but its true, people love working out, and they love working with their music. Especially in the gym, and if your reading this you’re probably one of those people too!Think about it, how many people do you see with earphones and headphones […]

Can you have too many wireless earphones and headphones ?

Unless you’re talking 50 pairs of headphones and earphones then our answer would be no.Why?Well for a start there are so many different types of wireless headphones and wireless earphones that range from small – large/different colours and styles/ different battery sizes (music playback time) there’s many different brands battling it out with unique features […]

Running/walking – Wireless earphones and headphones.

Do you love running? Along the beach, forest trails, side of the road or just on the treadmill. We get it it’s a personal preference for everyone at different times and all depend on what particular mood your in at the time. So if everyone is different, why would their wireless earphones and headphones be […]

Wireless is the future

Wireless earphone/headphones.At Beatbond we believe wireless is the future, and it has been the future for the past few years. We’ve all connected something whether it being a phone, tablet or tv to some bluetooth device. Wireless charging is new and growing quickly too, but what we’re interested in is the wireless audio market. You […]

What makes Beatbond different ?

What makes Beatbond different? Everything. What makes Beatbond different is that we are a brand for just you, the music lover. Forget all the other products that a retailer sells, we focus of what you want or even need, bringing you the best wireless bluetooth earphones/ headphones/ speakers. Other retailers buy in without thought whereas […]