Apple Airpods and others alike.

In 2017 we seen a massive growth in wireless bluetooth earphones, especially in the “TWS” (Truely wireless stereo) market which means earphones completely wireless, no wires whatsoever…yes thats right, and forecasts show no signs of slowing down in 2018 either. Here’s a few from top brands below.
Apple Airpods:

Photo from the Apple website here.

Photo from the Jabra website here.

Photo from the Bose website here.
However, unfortunately this luxury comes at a price, the cheapest in this list being north of £150. That being said because this is a growing market other manufactures and brands will release their own wireless earphones to compete which will most likely see better prices for customers.
What are the downsides to these earphones? The only one is that people may say “oh I will lose them” but you don’t buy anything to lose it, when you buy something whatever it is you do with the intent to take care of it, yes they can be lost but don’t put off the inevitable in future personal audio just because you may lose them.
Now, another selling point of these type of earphones are phone calls, the apple AirPods and most others have a built in microphone which if you receive a call while driving one earphone should allow you to answer what could be a very import phone call legally.
The future is TWS like earphones, in 2018 we will see a huge growth and you may start to see everyone around you with them, for training – gym, running etc and trains, planes for journeys. We will see huge advertising battles between big brands trying to catch attention with their unique design and features.
So overall this will be a very exciting year for the personal audio marketplace!
Here are another couple of wireless earphones on the market.

Jailbird Run Photo from Jailbird website.


LG tone free Photo from LG website.

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