Beatbond for sport

At Beatbond we love sport…music too obviously but we believe in the prospect of being able to train or do certain sports/activities freely without sacrificing the love of music that is key for most people to motivate them. According to a recent survey we conducted on our social media – twitter – 79% of people listen to music while working out and another survey revealed that 100% of people prefer wireless bluetooth earphone/headphones to wired earphones/headphones for sport.

This confirms that you the sportsmen and sportswomen of the United Kingdom are on the same page as us at Beatbond, wanting to train in freedom with the best quality wireless bluetooth earphones/headphones without sacrificing ultimate sound quality and performance.
When we say at Beatbond we love sport…we do. We aim to provide the perfect earphones or headphones…or both, to take its place in your training or sports kit, when you think “I need a new pair of sport…” we want Beatbond to be the first place you think of, because you’ll always know what you’re getting! Sound Performance.
All the earphones/ headphones we off are suitable for nearly all sports and for just chilling, which include running, cycling and general gym workouts. Swimming audio wear is the only sport we don’t offer however very soon Beatbond will have these to add to its list so watch this space!
With the UK going fitness obsessed with an increased number of gym memberships and funding for sports clubs etc Beatbond will be here to take it’s place for this evident huge change.
There is only one disadvantage to using wireless headphones/earphones from research is battery life. What happened before was you picked up whichever one it was, plugged it into your device and that was that, but now you have to charge your headphones/earphones and if you somehow forget to, lets just say your not going to be happy.
However the advantages to training with wireless technology far outweighs the disadvantage as ‘human error’.
What would you rather? Ultimate freedmen performance or a restrictive nuisance?

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