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You love sport right? You also love music? Every time you go a run or train at the gym you have to have music in your ears, it motivates you, blocks out all other noise out. We ran a pool on our twitter a while back and the overall consensus was that people prefer to train with their earphones or headphones. 

At Beatbond we love both sport and music, you can find out more here from our other post. It is our aim at Beatbond to provide everyone who needs OR wants the perfect kit of their sound – no matter the reason. In this particular case, your reason is sport and the kit you will need is wireless earphones, that will be perfect for you and versatile for your needs.

Below are some of the best wireless bluetooth earphones from us that we recommend. Big names, quality, style and performance. 

Ausdom S7/Jabees Beating. 

The Ausdom S7 earphones are one of the best to choose from. The obvious rivals are the beatsX from Beatsbydre. Ausdom are a brand thats growing that specialise in headphones but have now decided to branch into the future…which is wireless earphones. These earphones have upto 8 hours playing time which is way higher than most of the competition and on par with the beatsX wireless. These earphones are built for sport, however the Ausdom S7’s can be just as good for being on the couch or train companion.


The Jabees Beating earphones are another major competitor in the wireless/bluetooth industry. With a sleek and practical design with a built in control system you never have to touch your bluetooth device! Oh, and did we mention you can choose from multiple colours?

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W have introduced big brands like Panasonic and JVC. These are some the best known, trusted fair priced brands in the UK. Every loves a name, check out some of them below!

JVC AE wireless bluetooth sports clip headphones


Panasonic wireless bluetooth ergo-fit earphones

These are just some from our sports section, new earphones & headphones added regularly.

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