Big Brands at Beatbond.

Like you, at Beatbond we are interested in all types of wireless earphones/ headphones/ speakers, just the freedom that comes with them is special and that includes the branded ones, which the big brands know. Don’t confuse us with only liking the well known ones, we love brands like Jabees, Ausdom and Groov-e. However we know that around the globe, especially in the UK everyone loves a name! Which is why we have added Panasonic and JVC to our range.
Panasonic and JVC are two well known brands in the UK because they are trusted which is why they are so popular. Household names like these need no introduction, they are most likely the first thought that comes to mind when you think electronics, mainly because there’s always that old pair found lying around that seem ancient, but in actual fact were key to shaping the wireless headphones and earphones we have to choose from today! The ones you don’t really want to let go because of the attachment you once with them, car journey’s, gaming, long walks and runs etc.
In the future we want to add Sony and Beatsbydre to our range, another two major players in the wireless earphones/ wireless headphones/ wireless speakers market.
JVC, Panasonic, Sony and Beatsbydre show no signs of showing down in pioneering the next best wireless audio product.
All with their own takes on how good the performance should be and how they should look, offering various sizes and colours. All hoping that their product will attract every customer out there but that’s what makes this sector so interesting, the customer being YOU always has choice! Jabra and Bose are key in the wireless earphones fight too, both offering different features like longer battery life and a more high end feel with sound quality.
We aim here at Beatbond to offer you the best out there FOR YOU. We understand that everyone is unique and has their own individual preferences, so choice is very important to us. The question is, are you just looking cheap ‘get me through the day’ headphones and earphones, or are you will to pay MORE for MORE?
Watch out for these big brands at Beatbond in the not so distant future!
More than sound.