Black Friday – Wireless earphones/headphones/speakers

Black Friday is here. 

Our first black friday!

It’s that time on the calendar yet again as the United Kingdom once more prepares for a Black Friday frenzy event this week (23/11/2018). All the best deals and offers from every sector of spending are all again at once on the table for you, it’s now our time to join and be apart of it!

So, if you haven’t already worked out, this is a very special Black Friday for Beatbond, it’s our first one! And we are extremely excited. Expect big savings and a full shopping experience you’ll want to come back for.

In the past decade or so, the boom in online shopping has meant Black Friday has become even more convenient, shopping at home, on your mobile when out for a walk, time really doesn’t matter, no more having to wait until the shops open to you to grab limited stock, it’s instant and in front of you whenever and wherever you decide.

What will we bring to the table exactly?

First, in stock we have the best of the best for you. Top wireless earphones, headphones and bluetooth speakers. In a market that is quickly growing it’s important to know a place you can trust, knowing what you buy is what you get and knowing a name to remember has never been more paramount. We bring versatile products, headphones and earphones you can use for anything, from travelling on the train to work to running a 10k in complete freedom and with crystal clear sound – getting the most out of what you pay for. We also bring big brands, the most popular in the UK and most importantly, the top brands YOU love. Panasonic and JVC just to name a few!

You search and shop online to purchase the things you want right? Not to be hit with stupid shipping costs? Because you might as-well just go and pick it up yourself. At Beatbond, everything has always been free delivery, and that certainly doesn’t change for your wireless headphones, earphones and speakers on Black Friday! To add a little more to your experience at Beatbond, your purchase even comes in our unique packaging, be assured, there really is more for you. Now that’s what we bring to the table.

Black Friday is traditionally seen as the one day of the year all the biggest savings can be made, but watch out for all our special events throughout the year, especially with Christmas coming up in just over 30 days, this won’t be a one off! Enjoy your shop with Beatbond,

find the perfect kit to your sound here. There’s something for everyone! 

2019 Black Friday? Just wait.