Can you have too many wireless earphones and headphones ?

Unless you’re talking 50 pairs of headphones and earphones then our answer would be no.
Well for a start there are so many different types of wireless headphones and wireless earphones that range from small – large/different colours and styles/ different battery sizes (music playback time) there’s many different brands battling it out with unique features and most importantly there are so many different ways to use them all.
You could perhaps want TWS wireless earphones like Apple AirPods for example for traveling to work etc because they are small and easy enough to store in your jacket pocket. Unlike wireless headphones, because of there larger size you can store in your pocket you may want them for relaxing at home instead, unless this is where it gets complicated because some brands and headphones offer a folding or a ‘collapsing’ feature for easy storage.


Its very common for people to have 1 set of wireless bluetooth earphones and 1 set of wireless bluetooth headphones. However the sportsmen and sportswomen or general music lover may have more that just one of each. Runner’s/cyclists/swimmers/weightlifters all move differently so why would they have the same wireless earphones & headphones in their kit?
Gaming is another reason for people to have another set of wireless headphones, such as turtle beach headphones for the XBOX and playstation. Usually a mic is attached to these headphones to talk to friends or others over playing.
For wireless bluetooth earphones you can have TWS, neckband ones like Beatsx or Ausdom S7 and just one wire connection round the back of the head like the Jabees beating. Also bone conducting wireless earphones aswell.

Beatsx wireless earphones.
There are just so many combinations or “excuses” if you like to treat yourself to a new pair for wireless earphones or wireless headphones, a definite plus is the more of them you have the more likely you are to pick up a set that are charged.
Always remember to charge you wireless headphones and wireless earphones…nothing worse than picking a set up to realise that you forgot to charge them!
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