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At Beatbond we love music and sport, if you feel the same then this is the blog section for you! 

All in one place.

Connivence is everything, that’s why supermarkets like Tesco became so popular in the 1900’s, because you can get all you need, under the one roof. There is no “need to go here to get this, and need to go there to get that”. That’s what we strive to do at Beatbond every day, offer you the […]

Swap Your Wireless Earphones & Headphones

Sometimes it’s good to swap for your wireless earphones to your wireless headphones (or vice versa) for all different types of reasons. Both are better suited to particular activities or challenges. Headphones have a larger battery so these are best used for long distance travelling. As this market grows and technology becomes more advanced we […]

Remember To Charge Your Wireless Earphones & Headphones.

Ok, we understand this isn’t the most exciting topic nor going to be the most captivating  piece of writing you’ve ever read, however we’ll keep it interesting with some short scenarios of it going wrong. So remember to charge your wireless earphones & headphones! If you already own a pair of wireless earphones or headphones, […]

Wireless headphones & earphones, whats better for what? Sport.

You love your sport, whether it be running, cycling, boxing, golf, gym work outs etc or even all types of activities. You also love your songs that you listen to while doing these, the problem is, you don’t know what to get, wireless bluetooth earphones or wireless bluetooth headphones right? Well at Beatbond thats where […]

Apple Airpods and others alike.

In 2017 we seen a massive growth in wireless bluetooth earphones, especially in the “TWS” (Truely wireless stereo) market which means earphones completely wireless, no wires whatsoever…yes thats right, and forecasts show no signs of slowing down in 2018 either. Here’s a few from top brands below.Apple Airpods: Photo from the Apple website here.Jabra: Photo […]

The gym and wireless earphones/ headphones/ speakers.

We’ve said this before in one of our other posts “Beatbond for sport” but its true, people love working out, and they love working with their music. Especially in the gym, and if your reading this you’re probably one of those people too!Think about it, how many people do you see with earphones and headphones […]