Christmas Giveaway 2018

It’s your chance to win…again! You might already know this, but to those who don’t we run regular giveaways on our social media, especially on our twitter, mainly because it gets the best response and furthest reach for people to enter. We’ve given away countless prices now, some like the JVC Headphones and Jabees Wireless earphones – these proved very popular due to the style/colour choice. Find out for yourself.

As you can read here (Insert It’s our first Christmas post here) it is our first Christmas and for this special marker we thought we would run another giveaway but with a different twist to it. There won’t just be 1 winner this time like the past giveaways, but 3! And we won’t actually be giving away a physical prize. No. We will be giving away 3 unique £15 off anything discount codes to be spent with us Instead of us choosing the prize, the winners get to choose the prize for themselves. Choice and customer input is very important to us. This particular giveaway kicked off in late November and is set to finish on the 24th of December. With the winners receiving a message through twitter on boxing day to confirm them of their win. 

How do enter?:

All you have to do is follow us on twitter and retweet the post, thats it. Simple. Even if you look and don’t find anything that you would like, think of friends and family, if you enter and win, you can gift them the present of wireless earphones, wireless headphones or a wireless speaker. Find your perfect kit sound: All Products.

Alternatively you can check us out on our other social media here.

A big thank you to everyone that has entered so far, it’s going to be a merry one! 

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