Is Wireless Becoming Popular?

We’re not even half way into 2019 but still time enough to notice what the popular trends are, and wireless certainly seems to be one of them. 

At first, wireless headphones were probably noticed at gyms and on public transport and have become very popular. Wireless earphones have definitely adopted the ‘overnight success’ claim, especially Apple AirPods and others alike. The ‘boom’ in this industry means that we’re now seeing wireless more and more, everywhere we go. This has been predicted for years and it’s finally happening on a larger scale now!

On the other hand even though this is a scaling market, there are still more people using wired earphones and headphones. We’re almost certain that the users for wired tech will move over to wireless in no time at all! Why? We’ll just come right out and say it, it’s better. The only thing wired has going for it is the “no need to charge” perk. This is very true, but some headphones can offer 120 hours music playback time and the charge time is just a fraction that. So, charging your  devices can just come a necessary habit. You probably even know or have seen AT LEAST one person using wireless headphones or earphones. 

Overall, wireless hasn’t quite taken over yet, but the scale at which it’s growing is massive. Soon there will be more using them that not, and people will most likely say to those others “You’re missing out” or “everyone has them, why don’t you get a pair?”. At Beatbond, we strongly believe that the sporting enthusiasts are leading the change, especially the weightlifters, the runners and the boxers – because of the freedom it offers while training. We want to offer the best music companion.

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