It’s our first Christmas…thank you.


Are you in the Christmas mood yet? Because we are! Our first Beatbond Christmas is approaching. It’s flew up to this point in since when our journey first began. It all start in 2017 but we weren’t live on the internet for you to find on Google until early 2018 when our first website was launched. Then we took that website down and built a better one for you in the summer, and now here we are, it’s nearly Christmas of 2018.

This is a special Christmas for us, just like our 1st Black Friday was a few weeks back, this Christmas is our opportunity to finally join in on all the season fun and spirit. We were a spectator of both last years Black Friday and Christmas and we knew we would be here now and we are!

It’s also a special marker for us because we know once this occasion is over, there will be plenty of more events throughout 2019 that Beatbond will be apart of, which will set us up for the future years to come. 2019 is sure to be full of surprises for both us and you.

We are so proud to be here, we’ve made it to this point. They say that 1 in 3 start ups fail and we’re still here and that’s mainly all down to you guys, our followers and customers. You’ve allowed us to assess the market place, fit ourselves nicely into it and grow. Thank you.

Keep up to date with the latest deals/sales and what’s going on with us at Christmas on our facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Discount codes will be released soon, we know people love a steel and it’s just the right time to do so, to treat family and friends, or even yourself (why not) to a new pair of wireless earphones or wireless headphones. Or even around that time between Christmas and new year you can order them anytime and receive them right at your door! Having a party? Check out the wireless speakers, small enough to not to get in the way, priced not to break the bank and powerful enough to be heard. Make your sound heard this year!

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