May 2019 Giveaway Nearly Over.

3 days to go now until our May 2019 giveaway for the Ausdom wireless earphones is over. The months normally fly by however this month has seemed like forever for us, most likely for everyone that entered our giveaway at the start can agree.

As tradition goes, to enter our completion you have to either follow us on Instagram or Twitter AND like or retweet the post, it’s as easy as that. We expand our reach and connect with interested and loyal followers, like you. You get the chance to win a set of wireless earphones and stay connected with us. It’s a win-win.

As we stated at the top, there is still 3 days left to take part…depending on when you read this of course! And new entries will be accepted right up until 11:59pm UK time. Basically that last time you can enter is Friday night. Then on Monday we will randomly select and reveal the winner on Tuesday 4th June.

Why enter? The brand Ausdom isn’t known well in the UK but don’t by any means let that put you off. They are worth scooping up. Perfect for sports like running, cycling, powerlifting and overall gym training. Why? They are wireless, they are easy to wear sitting around the neck, stylish and most importantly they don’t sacrifice any performance at all. No more tangled wireless! Free for one lucky winner. 

Not your time? You can pick them up for £24.99 + free UK delivery. 

We will run more giveaways in the future, for either a speaker or a pair of headphones, all that is certain the now though is that it will be wireless.

Check the prize out here.

All products.

Enter on our Twitter. Enter on our Instagram. Who doesn’t love a mid year giveaway? Good luck to all!

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