One year in! Beatbond. More than sound.

We’ve been waiting to write this for over a year now. That’s our website been up for over a year now. June 10th 2018 is when we released it, and it’s went in so quickly too!

We have achieved so much and have overcome may barriers. Launching our website and our first real year in business was huge for us. We learned – and enjoyed it. Developed – enhanced us.  Grew – and loved it – (still growing – still loving it).   

Most entrepreneurs/ business/ self employed people can agree being the ‘new kid on the block’ always has it challenges. How can you obtain months or years experience when you’ve just launched? The simple answer is you can’t. But we can confidently say that we feel we have managed to gain 10 years experience in a year. Everything can change within a day, week, month and year.

Exposer is key for us as-well, just like any company. Where do you start when you’ve launched a store on the internet ( amongst millions ) with no followers yet on social media? YOU JUST START. That’s what we did. We’ve now amassed nearly 4000 followers on twitter and over 1100 followers on instagram in such a sort space of time. These two are where we get most of our engagement. 2 of the big 4. We do have Facebook & Pinterest too but we focus more on the other two because of the simplicity of tweeting and the visual affect a photo has, so you’ll find us on both of them. Daily!

The aim for this year at Beatbond is to reach far more people than we did last year, making ourselves known through our name, logo and slogan. How are we going to do this? As the wireless market in the UK grows we WILL grow with it. Offering new products and brands, uploading fresh new content daily as-well. Every post we create you can clearly see our logo, our name and our slogan. That is our brand, and its a brand thats creating an impact. We have our own hashtags: #Beatbond #BeatbondUK & #Morethansound- on both our twitter and instagram. 

We want to work with athletes providing them with wireless earphones or headphones for training, whatever their sport! Are you interested or know someone that would be interested? Contact us here at or directly through our social media. Beatbond is for sport! – Last September we ran 10k in the Glasgow Great Scottish run, promoting our company to just part of our demographic. We aim to do the same this year except it’s the HALF MARATHON, double the distance of last year! We hope to see a great turn out! 

If you aren’t already, please check out and follow our instagram and twitter, be apart of it! 

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Beatbond. More than sound