What we want to achieve in 2019

Put simply, our aim is to become the number one place in the UK to browse, choose and order your wireless headphones, wireless earphones and wireless speakers. At Beatbond we are NEVER going to lose sight of that goal, we want to bring it all here. Every company/ musician/ brand etc aims to be a household name, only the ones that stand out and matter have a higher chance of achieving this. At Beatbond, we believe we do have the potential for this. 

We want customers to look at www.Beatbond.co.uk or www.Beatbond.com and know what they are really looking at. Like they do for e.g Apple – for technology or for Homebase – for DIY. We want the UK to look and us say “that’s the place you get wireless earphones, headphones and speakers for sports. Leisure. Gaming etc. Great prices brands”.

We want to provide an experience that anyone wouldn’t think twice about returning for or talking about.

Wireless or bluetooth is just better in every way, it offers freedom from wires which became a problem even though it worked.

The wireless market is only going to scale, getting bigger and bigger and WE WILL grow with it. Check back here next year to find out if we have achieved our goals and what our next targets will be.

Beatbond. More than sound