Our identity

You already know our name…Beatbond. Beatbond is a name that makes actually makes sense, that fit’s in with our identity and what we are about, it’s definitely not a name that’s just been plucked out of thin air, which does work really well, however for Beatbond, our name really does mean the business. 

Beatbond is made up of two four letter words joined to create our name. Beat & Bond. The ‘beat’ meaning is quite obvious here, being a commonly used musical term that is popular worldwide – which can only be a good start! The ‘bond’ however is slightly harder for people to understand, we’ve even heard “the name’s Bond…Beatbond” which is quite smart! Bluetooth or wireless connectivity is the now and will continue be the future so the ‘bond’ represents the connecting of your device and your sound which is the music to wireless earphones and headphones. The result of both is…Beatbond – a catchy, easy to remember  meaningful name that hit the United Kingdom late 2017! 

Our logo is circular containing two ‘B’s’. Starting within that circle is at capital B which stands for ‘Beat’ and the lower b for the ‘bond’. Both of the letters cut the black circle to give it a more unique look for the brand. 

We wanted something recognisable, something that would stand out, something that people who don’t even connect with us could easily point out.

Now…our slogan. 

Our slogan is ‘more than sound’. We hashtag it on nearly every post on both our main social media which is Instagram and Twitter. Everyone has their own taste in music right? And by this we mean some like pop, some like rap, metal, acoustic and so on and on…maybe even all types – that much of a music loyalist! So we count this as ‘your sound’. More than sound represents that it’s not just music for people, sometimes it’s more, each song can trigger memories, moods and can transform any atmosphere into a better one. At Beatbond we understand this which why it fits perfectly with who we are. It’s also very catchy and easy to remember like our name and logo.

Some say all good things come in three’s, its why we believe we are the have the key to the full package…


1 :NAME. 


2 :Logo. 

 3 :Slogan