Our May Giveaway 2019

It’s not long now until our May giveaway, this week in fact, Wednesday 1st May. This is our second giveaway of the year,  earlier giving away the fantastic Groov-e wireless headphones, a forever constantly growing British brand. The competition went way better than expected, reaching almost 4000 people daily, on twitter alone! April has just about passed and now we’re back with another one! May looks good already! (Information on how to win below).

The prize for this month are the Ausdom S7 wireless earphones. Similar to the Beatsx earphones, the Ausdom S7 really do pack performance.  For a start they are, what more could you want? Wireless is just better. They boast an impressive 8 hours performance on one single charge, and for earphones with small batteries in a young market, this is a class leading stats.

Feeling weightless is important especially when around your neck, with the sleek neckband design these do the job well! When finished listening to music store easily with smart magnetic technology – free from wires is everything! Real sweatproof – feel better knowing if a drop of liquid hits these earphones you’ll be saved. Not only are these bluetooth / sweatproof / lightweight / magnetic / have a huge battery… these earphones allow for answering and taking calls – convenience is key. A control panel of small integrated buttons allows for volume control and music change meaning you’ll never have to bring your phone/ iPod/ MP3 player out your pocket again!

Looking for a pair of earphones that are practical? Stylish? Affordable? Well it’s now your chance to win them. How to enter this competition? This is a social media giveaway and for the UK ONLY. You can do so on twitter OR instagram. Just follow us and retweet on twitter, or follow us and like on instagram. That’s it! We hope you take part and support the growth!

Don’t want to wait? Want them now? Wireless earphones.

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