Plans for 2019 at Beatbond.

We’re now into the third week in January 2019 and we hope it’s been a great start to the year for everyone! This is a time where changes are made or goals are set in everyone’s lives for the full year ahead or the coming years, commonly known as the new year resolution. In a way, we’re joining in on it, basically setting out our targets for 2019.

If 2019 is anything like 2018 it will certainly fly by so it’s crucial to be ambitious but also realistic. Our main focus in 2019 is to hit a higher gear in growth, we want to become a known name in the next couple of years! 2019 is the year it starts!

First thing’s first, social media, this is a big one for us. We’re an online business, so it only makes sense to have a large online presence, to grow our following, which will expand and improve our reach dramatically. We are on every social media platform that you could think of, but we’re more active on instagram and twitter, almost daily infect. That’s what’s going to change, we WILL be active and have a presence on Instagram & Twitter daily in 2019, sharing and uploading content you’ll love to like! Our profiles should be available for you to check out at the top of this screen but if not you can check us our here.

Search results. This one is key, we expect that due to a large difference in our online activity (social media, blogs, etc) with the wireless headphone & wireless earphones market continuing to grow, we believe will move higher up the search engine ranks. This means, more growth, more exposer, a company that will begin to reach the four corners and become UK known. 

Trust. This is another aim for 2019. We want Beatbond, our name, our logo, our slogan, website and our brand as a whole to gain immediate trust. Why is this an aim of ours? Well as more people shop online, more and more scams and cases of fraud have increased. There has never been a time more than now to be safe with money, so trust is a major aim for us to achieve.  

These are just some of the main goals we have at Beatbond this year, and when put together, will contribute to the main target “focus of 2019 is to hit a higher gear in growth, we want to because a known name & brand in the next couple of years! 2019 is the year it starts!”. We know this time next year in 2020 we will be ticking these boxes and setting new objectives.

Check out what’s in store here.

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