Remember To Charge Your Wireless Earphones & Headphones.

Ok, we understand this isn’t the most exciting topic nor going to be the most captivating  piece of writing you’ve ever read, however we’ll keep it interesting with some short scenarios of it going wrong. So remember to charge your wireless earphones & headphones!

If you already own a pair of wireless earphones or headphones, even a wireless speaker you can probably relate to this well, and if you’d like to send us your story of how it went wrong you can tweet it to us at @BeatbondUK, we’d love to know. 

Imagine you commute everyday to work by train or bus, let’s say it’s a half hour journey, easy right? It’s a journey that’s only bearable with music in your ears to block out other conversations about politics etc. You’re running late that morning no second thought for charging your headphones or earphones before you leave. If you don’t wait to suffer the noise, charge them up!

You’ve turned up to the gym, you’ve got ready, bottle filled up, phone or bluetooth device connected to your wireless earphones or headphones and you start to perform your workout. You’re halfway through your set or half way through that mile long run and suddenly all you hear are weights slamming and heavy foot slamming onto the treadmill belts. You’ve lost your sound, the music motivation has gone, sets become longer, harder,  everything is a distraction, suddenly you realise, you’re no longer doing your workout by yourself, in our own bubble, you’re  actually in the real gym now. Certain lyrics in our own songs fuel can fuel the last reps and spur you on.

This needs to become a habit, like anything, the more you do it the easier it will become to remember and you will no longer think about it as a chore (that only takes a few seconds to put on charge). It might even turn into a routine, and if it doesn’t, you’ll be fighting the hassle all the time.

Regular charging is only a thing of now. We are in a good place lining up for the future. What we mean by this is that the more this industry grows, the technology will get better, and the more time music or talk time will increase, therefore no constant worry about charge in in your wireless earphones, headphones or speakers will last you. 

We can recommend the JVC wireless headphones and Audsom S7 earphones for charge time, will top sound quality to go with it.  

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