Running/walking – Wireless earphones and headphones.

Do you love running? Along the beach, forest trails, side of the road or just on the treadmill. We get it it’s a personal preference for everyone at different times and all depend on what particular mood your in at the time. So if everyone is different, why would their wireless earphones and headphones be the same? Everyone differs, thats what we’ve learned since staring up early 2017.
One type of earphones that are ideal or even perfect for this type of activity are theses: Jabees Beating earphones.

Jabees Wireless Earphones

Check out more of these big branded sports earphones here.Why are these type of earphones one of the best for running?

When running your body tends to go through a lot of movement, yes that’s obvious with running after all but its not just the legs that move, its the arms, its the shoulders and neck too…depending on how you run ofcourse, but the neck always moves. When looking around for traffic, other runners, obstacles etc you don’t want wires that are connected to your phones or ipod/mp3 player pulling the earphones out from your ears do you? No. Or even if you’re running with TWS (Truely Wireless Stereo) type earphones that are not suited for this type of sport they may fall out at the slightest stride you take or change in direction across a road or up/down a hill.
Headphones can be used to run with however running is all about being streamline and headphones are quite big in comparison to earphones so they may feel very clunky, and out of place if they begin to wobble.
Another advantage to wireless earphones is most of them should have a control point on them, whether it be a neckband pair below or on the earphone itself, this means you don’t even need to bring the connected phone or iPod out of your pocket to change to the next song on the playlist or answer calls!
We cant help but emphasise the importance of charging these wireless headphones/earphones. You can get a lot of music playback time however taking two minutes out of your time to make sure they are on charge is a habit you know have to get into now, for the, until the next big technological advance somehow saving us all from the bother of charging anything we use!
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