Swap Your Wireless Earphones & Headphones

Sometimes it’s good to swap for your wireless earphones to your wireless headphones (or vice versa) for all different types of reasons. Both are better suited to particular activities or challenges.

Headphones have a larger battery so these are best used for long distance travelling. As this market grows and technology becomes more advanced we will begin to see wireless earphones last longer and maybe even compete with the battery life of some long lasting  wireless headphones of this era.

When it comes to sport, everyone has their own opinions on which they would prefer to use, however a poll we ran on twitter suggests that the majority prefer wireless earphones. This may be due to the fact that earphones are far more convenient for carrying and storing, and are not noticed as much when running and cycling. Headphones we have found are best used more for weight lifting in the gym as it’s more static so less chance of them falling off or being a pain because of the bulkiness. 

When it comes to just lounging about at home, listening to music on spotify/ Apple music watching videos on Youtube or playing games on the Xbox or Playstation, its seams that both wireless earphones and wireless headphones are 50/50 here. The convenience of wireless (bluetooth) is second to none here. Nothing worse than wires being stretched to the max across the any room, because 1. It’s hazard and 2. It’s simple, it’s annoying.

Wireless earphones can sometime become frustrating if you don’t have the right fit for your ears because the may fallout more often than you’d like, and this will become frustrating, which is why swapping to wireless headphones just makes sense. And swapping to earphones from headphones because earphones are just far more convenient!

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