The gym and wireless earphones/ headphones/ speakers.

We’ve said this before in one of our other posts “Beatbond for sport” but its true, people love working out, and they love working with their music. Especially in the gym, and if your reading this you’re probably one of those people too!
Think about it, how many people do you see with earphones and headphones in at the gym ? And how many without? And which ones look like they’re getting the most out of their workout, look knackered but enjoying it? Chance’s are it’s the people with earphones and headphones in. Thats because they’re listening to their sound/music which can be anything from dance to R&B, from doing their warm-up to their cool down.
Just look at the results of this survey we took on our Twitter page here.

If you break it down even further, you can use different types of wireless earphones and a set of wireless headphones (if you have different sets) to go along with your gym day kit. If you know you’re going to do cardio, you perhaps don’t want take TWS earphones (truly wireless stereo) because their is a risk that if you don’t have a decent pair they may fallout. However when doing weightlifting there is more choice here because of how versatile this sport is, no real big upper body movements so the risk of both earphones or headphones becoming lose from the ear is minimum. Most of what you do during weightlifting is a static exercise repeated in sets. Unless you’re tire flipping, that’s when wireless earphones and headphones really show their capability, most earphones giving you at least a 10 metre range which is what you need.
Speakers in the gym are sometimes a saviour because what happens entraining day you forget your earphones headphones? There is nothing worse than walking into the gym area and listening to weights slamming and heavy panting without at least some background motivation. On the other handwaving no personal audio kit means being at risk listening to someone else’s music taste, do you really want that…maybe it’ll giving you bit of variety however at the end of the day it wont be your sound choice.
When walking to the gym or just into the gym building people listen music even before they’re working out, mentally preparing themselves with their current favourite songs you see to get their mindset ready for whatever the workout for the hour or so is.
Its just a game changer having your own wireless earphones and headphones in the “gym jungle”.
So, make sure you pack your earphones and headphones for training and don’t forget to charge them! Nothing more soul destroying the moment you cant find them or get them to turn on. In the off chance you do forget to pack them then your gym should have background music playing anyway, but that’s a different matter all together…

Here are all the Wireless Earphones and headphones we offer at Beatbond.

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