Trust In A Name.

Trust in a name. A powerful statement, but a necessary one. It’s so important nowadays to be reassured that the websites and stores we’re visiting are safe and secure. When it comes to the internet, you can literally find yourself clicking and using websites without knowing who owns them and if they are legit. Next thing you know you’re a victim of fraud. You’ve entered personal data, i.e card information and you already know what would happen from there. Either that you’ve clicked on a dodgy link and your computer, tablet or phone becomes unfixable. Of course there’s a slim chance this will happen to you and it should never put you or anyone else off surfing the web, but unfortunately it does happen, it’s a sad reality.

It’s one our main priorities at Beatbond, to become a place and name you can trust to shop for your wireless headphones, earphones and speakers. We already know you’ll be familiar with the likes of, and the big supermarkets out there when looking for what you   want. This is where we come in… It’s great to see that these other brands have made a name for theirselves and become apart of your shopping life (and the rest of United kingdom’s consumers). However we can see an issue with this, they offer other products from all different kinds of industries. We don’t! We’re niche! We know our market and what we want to offer for you!

Watch out this year! 2019 will bring more great brands and products, aswell as specific categories for sports etc.

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