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Beatbond, Beatbond, Beatbond. This is our name, and it’s a name we want you to very get familiar with, because we’re here to stay in the UK, we founded for the UK. We say this all the time, but the more you see our name, logo and slogan, the more you’ll begin to associate with it and remember that we are here to provide you (the UK) with the best wireless earphones, wireless headphones and wireless speakers.

Now, as the title suggests, we are available 24/7. Why? Because we are not a physical store, and for the time being don’t ever plan on being one, just online. Why? Let us explain. Being available 24/7 means that any time, early morning, noon and late at night, you can connect to us (www.Beatbond.co.uk) and find your perfect set of wireless earphones or headphones. When you know which set(s) you’re going for, you have peace of mind that your order will then be dispatched first thing the next day (unless specified otherwise).  

Being online also means our reach is unlimited. Literally anyone who has access to the internet can connect to us and we can reach to them. Our only focus at this point in time is the United Kingdom. Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland. As we online in our ‘About us’ and ‘Our Aim’ sections, our goal is to be the number 1 place when you think ‘ I need a new’ set of wireless headphones, wireless earphones or a wireless speaker in the United Kingdom. 

Please do note though, the only time Beatbond will be down for you is when we are updating it, and if you are a follower on our facebook, twitter or instagram you will be notified if there is indeed any downtime. Also please be aware that if there are any spells of downtime this will be in the early hours for the night/day so that disturbance is at a minimum.

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