What happened last month?

June Blog Post.

June was a quick month, it felt like no time at all since we released our May post and we are certain it will be the same for July as well. But you should know the old saying, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

Just a few updates. We have started posting on Pinterest now, we have always had a page but haven’t been active on it. BUT NOW WE ARE. Our main focus is still Twitter and Instagram however this gives you the option to check us out on Pinterest. Same also goes for our Facebook page. We have linked it to our Instagram, so what we post is available to your whatever you use.

We are planing on running a giveaway very very soon. So if there is anything you’d like to see us giveaway please contact us though our social media or email us. info@beatbond.co.uk

June was great, but it’s now July. Our focus now and for the future is just to go get out there and get known. Sounds like a simple mission really, but a true challenge none the less. Thats why we now post on Facebook and Pinterest, it’s just two more ways to get out there and reach the UK – that’s all we are interested in. We have mentioned this before but we are going to be pushing harder to work with athletes to promote Beatbond. We want to get out name on their tops, and provide them with wireless headphones or earphones to train with. Know someone? Is it you? Please get in touch with us. customerservice@beatbond.co.uk.

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