What Happened Last Month?

We’re now into June and we want to continue to keep you updated every month on new news. We keep growing every month so we want to keep you in the loop. 

If you follow us on our social media you may have been aware or even have taken part in our recent giveaway. It started on the 1st May and ended on the 31st. The competition was extremely successful running on our twitter and instagram. One tweet accumulated over 1.1K retweets! AMAZING. We want to thank everyone who entered, and if you didn’t don’t worry we will be running more competitions later in the year. 

It’s nearly been a year since our website launched on the 10th June. Since then we have achieved a lot, and it’s only going to get bigger! Since our first tweet we are less than 100 followers away from reaching 4000 followers. Our instagram has also grown quick too with gaining 1100 followers since January 2019. 

We were briefly down from the 3rd to the 5th for s a serious update. Speed. Patience…some of have it, some of us don’t, but it doesn’t matter, because that’s not an issue when entering our website. It was reported to us that it was taking several more seconds to connect than it normally should, which would put anyone off entering a site. Try it for yourself, clear your history and search us and check out the performance. This is the minimum standard we aim to achieve. At Beatbond we’re aiming big, and the speed performance is just one key element to get us there. 

It’s not going to be long until this month is over, so come back and read out next month blog. 

We feel like we are achieving great things at Beatbond. 

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