What is the WGO Room?

Blogs, articles, writing scripts or whatever name you associate online writing with are divided. Some people love to write them, some people don’t. Some people love to read them, again…some people don’t. The most used term is ‘blog’ and whether they stir divided opinions or not, they are necessary. 

Blogs are necessary for anyone with an online presence. Why? It’s an easy way and definitely one effective way for companies/ organisations/ groups/ brands and influencers to communicate with their audience. Carrying interesting and important information and ours is the WGO Room. 

WGO isn’t a wacky or fancy name, it just stands for What’s Going On. It’s our own take, rather than putting the word ‘blog’ on our website. We think WGO Room sparks a bit of interest or curiosity. It’s a section that is easy to navigate, spilt up into 5 headings. REVIEWS, NEWS, INTERESTS/ THOUGHTS, US-BEATBOND, ABOUT US. 

We aim to upload new content once a week, trying to even it out between the sections, but we upload mostly to INTERESTS/THOUGHTS. The content we upload to Reviews, News and About us is fairly obvious, but for Interests/Thoughts, we write about sport, music and anything that we think you’d like. That’s the reason this section of the WGO Room is used the most. US-Beatbond is an area that you can find out more about us, like our logo/ slogan/ name etc. It’s probably one of the most important areas of our website because it’s about our company and your ‘info packet’.

We would like to stress that the WGO Room is an area for us AND you. If you think of any ideas or important pieces you’d like us to write about please contact us … or reach out to us on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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