Why we’re heading for the top.

Now let us just clarify what that actually means, because it’s quite a bold statement to make. We’re not better at making earphones or headphones, because we don’t actually make our own…yet. Right now, our focus is convenience. In the future, we hope to offer our own take on the what we call the ‘perfect sound’, but right now we want to offer a place that has it all under one name…Beatbond.

We’ve said this time and time again, it’s basically turned into our ‘truth policy’. We’ve stated this on our twitter bio, instagram bio and on our about us section. A place that offers it all means convenience for you. To offer variations is key, because choice is always important. What’s the point in shopping in a store that offers limited choice, when in the one place you can have: colour, style, price and performance options to choice from.

You can easily think of a wireless headphone or earphone brand e.g: Sony, Panasonic, Beats etc. But can you think of one specific place that offers JUST wireless headphones, earphones and speakers? That one place that solely comes to mind other than Amazon, Curry’s, Tesco (all of the major retailers that sell everything, NOT market/ industry specific). That’s why Beatbond formed, to take that place.

Shop with us 24/7, we’ll always online for you and the rest of the United Kingdom, any day, any time! On any occasion we’re not, weren’t building a better experience for you!

Check out what we have offer: All Products. The best wireless headphones, earphones and speakers. For sports and leisure.

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Beatbond. More than sound.