How to decide? Wireless earphones or headphones?

So, you love your sound and you’re ready to listen to it, one problem, you don’t know which is best, wireless bluetooth earphones or wireless bluetooth headphones? 

There really is no answer to which is better, it really just comes down to preference and what you intend to use them for. 

If you are just planning on relaxing or sitting down for a long journey which means you’re going to be listening to music for an extended period of time, headphones MAY be the better option for you because headphones due to the size of them have a larger battery therefore they have a longer battery life. However headphones can sometimes have a ‘clunky’ feeling to them and they need more space to store in your bag etc. Also you have the  aesthetic factor to think about, you’re probably going to want some good looking ones!

You might think right that’s me I’ve decided it’s headphones, but now we’re on to the wireless earphones.

Wireless earphones are versatile, they are multi purpose, need them for sport? Like running, boxing training, gym etc? Or just need them for chilling on the couch? Unlike headphones, which can only be altered in weight, thickness etc, earphones can have many different designs. You can have them like the Apple AirPods that are TWS (True wireless stereo) or you can have them with a wire that connects each earphone round the back of your head. Neckband design like the Beatsx earphones can be stylish and yet very practical. There are so many types that can be used for anything, like we said either, it really does depend on preference and what they will be used for.

One drawback to wireless bluetooth earphones is the battery life. Average battery life is about 4 hours on one charge however the time it takes to charge is relatively quick, and with technology excelling with big brands putting more of their money into this marketplace, battery life will soon be irrelevant in your choice. The Ausdom wireless earphones pictured below have an 8 hour music running time, which puts it in direct competition with the Beatsx earphones which would unfortunately set you back handsomely. 

Another issue may be that the earphones may not fit to your ears which is only a problem for a small group of people. If you are in that minority theres no need to worry because most wireless earphones come with changeable ear-cushions for all fits and sizes for any ear! 

Both wireless earphones and wireless headphones have their up’s and down’s so it’s really up to what the need for them is, you never know…you might need both!

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