Wireless headphones & earphones, what’s better for what? Sport.

You love your sport, whether it be running, cycling, boxing, golf, gym work outs etc or even all types of activities. You also love your songs that you listen to while doing these, the problem is, you don’t know what to get, wireless bluetooth earphones or wireless bluetooth headphones right? Well at Beatbond thats where we come in, to help you decide. Cycling is your passion, even on the rainy days, we get that, we get you need headphones or earphones for the ultimate experience every session, so you’re probably best looking at getting wireless earphones. WHY? Because headphones are be too big and would get in the way of your helmet. We wouldn’t recommend TWS (Truly Wireless Stereo) earphones unless you get yourself an expensive branded pair that the fit is perfectly snug so they wont fall out when you go over a bump or avoid a pothole every time. Wireless earphones like the one pictured below would be perfect because of the attachment wire. Also another that you might consider is a bone type earphone that goes round the back of your head rather than your neck. When we say you might need wireless earphones or wireless headphones for boxing, trust me we don’t mean when you’re sparring or fighting, we mean when your training. For hitting the bag or when you skipping the rope, lifting that type of thing, or even before a sparing session or fight to motivate you and put you in the best frame of mind listening to your sound. Any, wireless earphones, or wireless headphones will work here, it just come’s down to you…the price you want to spend, your look and the quality of them. These are just two of the main sports you would need earphones and headphones to become part of your sport so you need to look at what you’re doing and decide that way. Obviously for swimming your going to need some pretty waterproof capable earphones, however we will be going into that a bit more very soon. At Beatbond we want to be apart of your sporting journey. Sound performance. Beatbond – More than sound. For more to help you decide choose one of these other articles below!
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