Wireless is the future

Wireless earphone/headphones.
At Beatbond we believe wireless is the future, and it has been the future for the past few years. We’ve all connected something whether it being a phone, tablet or tv to some bluetooth device. Wireless charging is new and growing quickly too, but what we’re interested in is the wireless audio market. You love listening to music right? So you must be excited with the freedom wireless headphones and earphones come with. Even if your hosting a party, you don’t need to leave your phone connected on a SHORT wire at the speaker, you and the guests don’t like the song? Change it from another room!
The wired vs. wireless headphones debate is ongoing and shows no signs of ending any time soon. Market researchshows that earphones and headphones are to grow to $15billion by 2024.
Choosing between wired or wireless headphones can be difficult.
Here are the benefits of wireless.
Here are just a few examples of why wireless is one of best new perks ever.
No cables
Having the option to have no cable connected to your device is a definite perk. Having to carry your phone everywhere when listening to music is definitely not one. Theres no need to worry when you’re moving your arms the earphones are going to be ripped from your ears, or that dreaded moment you realise you have to waste 5 minutes of your life untangling them.
Sound Quality
Lots of the wireless earphones and headphones come with bass-boosting technology and noise-isolation design so that when you listen to music you can feel every beat.
Stylish & Affordable
When the technology was first realised it didn’t quite catch the eye, they looked out of place and were just plain ugly to look at. However nowadays they are made to look sleek and sporty and aren’t all that expensive either. You can pick up a decent pair for around £60 which are just as good as the expensive ones.

The “wire age” is over

More than sound.