At Beatbond we love three things.

  1. Wireless technology.

  2. Music.

  3. Sport.

All three on their own are great, but when you combine all three together, it’s just special. 

There’s not a single type of person that hasn’t at least once used a pair of headphones, earphones or listened to a speaker. Everyone you know will at least own an old pair of earphones. Both headphones and earphones are used by millions daily, and we want to work with some of those people, are you one? 

We want to work with you if you are an athlete, a singer/ member of a band and for general events such as giveaways and prize events. 

We have already worked with some athletes and donated to award nights. Are you any on the below? Choose below how you think you can best work with us and find out more about what’s involved. 

For Athletes

For Singers/ Bands/ Musicians

Giveaways/ Donations

Why do we want you to contact us and work with us? What is in it for you?

If you read our aims section you will know our aim is to become the home for wireless headphones, wireless earphones & wireless speakers in the United Kingdom. So we want to work with UK athletes and singers/bands only. The possibility to grab yourself new headphones or earphones and your own discount code.

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